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Jun 7, 2021

Healthy Homes - 8 Tips for Tenants

A warm and dry home means tenants are less likely to suffer health problems.

For tenants this means less time off work or school, less medical bills and in general a happier and healthier family. For landlords this means they can retain tenants for longer and less risk of missed payments.

The Healthy Homes Act in 2019 introduced specific and minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress and drainage, at the responsibility of the Landlord. However there are ways that tenants can also help keep the properties warm, dry and healthy.

Here are 8 Tips!

1) Although it may seem counter productive for keeping a warm home, good ventilation is important for maintaining healthy indoor air, and reducing the amount of moisture in your property will make it easier to heat.  During the day open doors and windows regularly to allow fresh air in.

2) Open a window while cooking or after use of the bathroom shower or bath to let steam out. If there is an extractor fan installed, that is a good time to use it.

3) Draw open the curtains in the morning for ventilation and natural sunlight. Close again late afternoon or early evening to keep in any heat from heat pumps, heaters or fireplace.

4) The EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) NZ recommend having the thermostat between 18 and 21 degrees to combat damp and cold. Above 21 degrees, it gets more and more expensive to heat.

5) Heat pumps and fire places need to be cleaned regularly to be at their most efficient working condition. Talk to your Property Manager if you are unsure.

6) Draught stoppers around doors and windows are a simple but effective way to stop heat escaping.

7) Wipe off any water collected on walls, roof or inside of windows. Condensation makes rooms feel damp and can cause mould to grow. Keep on top of any mould growth by wiping away regularly.

8) Drying your washing inside can also cause condensation to build up. When not possible to dry outside use a car port or garage.

We hope this helps!

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