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Dec 6, 2021

Swimming Pool Information for Tenants

Summer is officially here!!

If you are a tenant that has or is wanting a swimming pool it is important to know what is expected of you for both safety and maintenance.

All pools, including portable pools, above ground or in-ground pools and spa pools must have a barrier to keep children safe. The full requirements can be found through your local council.

For in ground pools that come with the property you must report any maintenance issues to your landlord as soon as possible, for example, if the latch on the gate isn’t closing properly, or if the cover is broken. You must restrict access and be extra careful until repairs have taken place. You can report issues through I-Rentals Whangarei online tool.  The pool and filters need to be cleaned regularly and using the correct tools and products.

If you are wanting to put up a portable pool for the summer, please check with your landlord, and with local council for safety procedures. It is most important that safety barriers are put in place to protect children.

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